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Be aware scammers are calling citizens claiming they are law enforcement, and threatening to charge them for a missed jury date if payment is not received. This is NOT Baker County Clerk of Courts or any of it's affiliates. If you receive a call like this you should report it to the Sheriff's Office.
Traffic Department

What Are My Options?
Once you receive a traffic citation you have 90 days from the date of issuance to take one of three courses of action.
  • Pay the citation either in person or online.
  • Pay the citation & take a driver improvement course to help reduce the number of points against your license. Visit the DHSMV Driver Improvement School site for more information.
  • Contest the ticket in court. Download and complete the Affidavit of Defense then file it with the Clerk of Court at 339 East Macclenny Avenue, Macclenny FL, 32063.
Expired Tag/License/Insurance
The full fine amount is $116.00 but if you provide proof of renewal that fine is reduced to $65.90

Failure to display registration/license/insurance
The full fine amount is $116.00 but if you provide proof of validity at time of traffic stop you can pay a dismissal fee of only $10.00

Base Traffic Fines
Standard Moving
Speeding 1-9 Miles Over
Speeding 10-14 Miles Over
Speeding 15-19 Miles Over
Speeding 20-29 Miles Over
Speeding 30-49 Miles Over
Base $356.00
Mandatory Hearing
Speeding 50+ Miles Over 1st Offense
Mandatory Hearing
Load Dropping
Mandatory Hearing
Move Over Act Violation
Seat Belt
Child Restraint Violation
Railroad Crossing Violation
All Terrain Vehicle
Fail to Stop at Signal
Handicapped Parking Violation
Litter Law (under 15lbs.)
Driving with Suspended License Unknowingly
Pedestrian/Bicycle Violations
Passing a School Bus
Mandatory Hearing